CR Graphics is located in Red Oak, IA. Our goal is to provide you with top of the line apparel, banners, signs, decals and more. CR Graphics is also dedicated to helping raise funds for organizations by providing an easy way to sell apparel. Please be sure to read the information below before shopping any products available for purchase on our  website:

1. All webstore collections and fan shop stores have an opening and closing date. Make sure to pay close attention to these dates. 

2. Credit card, debit card and PAYPAL are the only accepted forms of payment. 

3. Orders will be produced when the webstore collection closes (pay attention to the specific fan shop store open and close dates).

4. We have around a two week turnaround period from the closing date for all webstore collection and fan shop orders. Expect your order to be ready or shipped within 2 weeks of the collection closing date. 

5. Once your order has been fulfilled, your order will be shipped or available for pick-up at 101 N Broadway in Red Oak. In some cases, teams or businesses may decide to do a pick-up night or deliver items to customers themselves. Either way, you will receive notification as to when you should expect your items to arrive.

6. Apparel cannot be returned or exchanged once ordered.  


CONTACT sales@crgraphicsredoak.com with any questions.